BrewBalls were introduced at:

The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO Sept. 24-26, 2009.

Thanks to all the Home Brewers who have provided feedback on this new product. The team at BrewBalls appreciates all responses!

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Do You Have the Balls to Brew to Perfection?
BrewBalls (patent pending) are "Floating Fermentation Monitors" designed for use in the home-brewing of Beer and Wine. You can now constantly monitor the progress of fermentation without opening the carboy and extracting samples. Each ball is precision manufactured to a specific density and will remain floating until the gravity of the wort reaches the density of each BrewBall. Sanitize and drop them in your carboy right before or after you pitch your yeast. BrewBalls float on the surface of your wort, will not interfere with your blowoff tube, and are clearly visible after the Kraeusen settles down. The colored dots always point up, making them easy to see from the top of your carboy. One by one each ball will sink and the ones remaining determine your current specific density range.
Actual Package

Stop over-using and breaking Hydrometers!
Food-safe HDPE, no effect on taste, unbreakable, reusable, and fun!

Do Not Risk Contaminating your Brew!

After your initial hydrometer reading, you can now observe the measurement inside your glass carboy. If your carboy is stainless steel, siphon out a sample in to a clear glass and get a more accurate measurement of density with BrewBalls.

Every time you open the airlock during fermentation to extract a sample you risk contaminating your brew. With BrewBalls you never have to open the airlock during the entire fermentation process.




We are sorry to report that we are temporarily out of stock of brewball sets. Please check back as we are working on replenishing our stock and offering many more specific density ranges!

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